Hi! I’m Emily and I started Eat Think Sweet, which began as a way to share modern techniques for the home baker. My passions for both design and baking have been with me for a long time, and Eat Think Sweet is a combination of both. Ever since I could eat I’ve loved sweet things, and ever since I could hold a wooden spoon I’ve loved creating and baking. Now, while working in Experience Design, I apply design principles to my baking too.

Having studied biological sciences, I’ve found that baking is much like a science and has many constraints, but also allows you to express your creativity in so many ways – and I’m passionate about helping people unleash their inner creativity. Whether edible watercolour, delicious bakes, sharing cakes or mindfulness activities – baking is so diverse! Just have a browse of the gallery or recipe section and have a go!

But how did Eat Think Sweet really begin?!

Funny story really.

It was the moment I was sitting in my (small London) garden with friends, having a BBQ on one of those brilliant summer 2016 days, and I brought out a simple banana cake for dessert. I happened to have a slackline up in my garden for fun, and for anyone who isn’t a climber and doesn’t know what a slackline is, it’s basically a 3-inch thick flexible tightrope that you can walk on if you’re a good, but it’s really hard to walk on – so most beginners just wobble hysterically or fall off. It’s pretty funny in a group. But one of my friends challenged me to walk on the slackline while holding the tray of banana cake…while taking a selfie. Challenge accepted!

Here’s my first attempt, admittedly with one foot still on the ground (so I was cheating):

Selfie with a banana cake and a slackline

Here’s my second attempt (unfortunately the selfie was of the sky):

Slacklining with a banana cake

OK, so the banana cake almost ended up on the floor multiple times. Serving dessert while balancing on a slackline and taking a selfie actually provided a huge amount of entertainment for the group. Naturally, we decided (my friends decided) to start up my new Instagram account called “The Slack Baker”, after a lot of trouble deciding on the best name. It would be about great desserts that could be served while walking a slackline… great concept, right? Well, we didn’t think it through entirely – even though it won the naming competition (surprisingly, it beat BorisBakes). And also surprisingly, I’ve now closed @theslackbaker account… for multiple reasons.

I came to my senses, and ran with Eat Think Sweet. For anyone who knows me, they know I’m sugar-obsessed and constantly thinking about my next creation. Keep in touch for more!

Happy baking!


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